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A conversation worth having

Recently, a mama of two asked “How does anyone get anything done?

While on the surface, this is just a question from a mama who has a baby and toddler and feels overwhelmed by life with two as opposed to one. But what came next is: how hard it is to carve out time for oneself; how it’s exhausting to feel like you are never quite on top of anything.

This important to share because this is ALL of us.

There is always something that isn’t happening that could/should be happening or a sacrifice that that we’re making, sometimes to the detriment of oneself.

We understand that it’s a layered situation that has highs and lows and no one particular path to success. We understand that maybe there isn’t success today but there might be tomorrow. That sometimes we say we want it to stop but that’s just another way or saying we want a break.

We can ALL benefit from judgement free support and we don’t need to feel depressed or anxious every moment (although it’s perfectly OK to reach out if you do) to get that support from Baby Blues Connection. And it’s OK for that support to be a one time thing or to last weeks that turn into months before the path becomes clear.

The season of wet is upon us.
The season of short days and less time spent outside.
The season of holidays and expectations.

When you feel like you need support, a little or a lot, we’re here for you._DSC6288