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A video about Baby Blues Connection

Many thanks to Bill Roberson for his work. He made our vision come alive. Additionally, we would like to thank Stephanie Stern-Carlson for keeping us all on task. None of this would have been possible without the words of Emily Chenoweth. Special thanks to Leonie Alaeddine, Donna Johnson and Julia Tafea McGillis. […]


We made a video!

Check out our new video! We are so grateful for all the help we received in getting this together- not only from the volunteers who offered to be featured in the video, but from talented community members who offered their services and time. So often people think about “Postpartum Depression” […]


A Heartfelt Thank You

A big heartfelt, thank you to all of you who have supported Baby Blues Connection through the Give Guide! Together we’ve raised just over $500. Let’s double that this week! There is a “Big Give Day” this coming Thursday, November 13th. Give $10 or more and you will be entered […]


Have you ever felt this way?

“Mothering was nothing like I expected and I began to think seriously that I wanted to die or be hospitalized. I felt completely trapped.” read more of Anne’s story here We’re always working to normalize the experience of postpartum depression and anxiety. No one need suffer alone and isolated, feeling […]


A Reason to Support Us

“The anxiety was so strong, even when I had a chance to sleep I couldn’t shut my eyes without thinking about all of the things that needed to be done. I was also struggling with OCD and intrusive thoughts. This went on for the first year. I told my OBGYN, […]


Why we are here

Unless you’ve lived it or know someone who has, it might be difficult to understand what postpartum depression (PPD) is like. We asked our volunteers to write their stories for the purpose of educating the public and to create understanding. To those mamas (and papas) who might be struggling, we […]