Staff and Volunteers

Our volunteers and staff are the backbone of our organization.


Angie Fitzpatrick, Executive Director of Baby Blues Connection, has been with the organization since 2006. Initially working as a volunteer Mom-to-Mom group facilitator and phone support person, she was then hired as the Program Coordinator. She was promoted to Program Director in 2008 and brings enormous energy, commitment, and organizational skills to the position. Promoted again in 2015, Angie is now Executive Director of Baby Blues Connection.

Angie is the mom of two children, a boy and a girl, and has experienced pregnancy and postpartum depression and anxiety. When she speaks to a mom calling the Baby Blues Connection phone line she truly means it when she says “I understand.”

Lisa Coss, Program Coordinator for Baby Blues Connection joined our staff in 2011, as Administrative Assistant. A volunteer for many years, Lisa first served BBC as an email support person and emailed/mailed our mom packets. Lisa works on our database, organizes all volunteer data, updates the webpage and mails all outreach materials. She was promoted to Program Coordinator in 2015, and is expanding her presence and responsibilities within the organization.

Lisa experienced severe depression and anxiety after an unplanned c-section in 2007. She attended our mom-to-mom support group and found a combination of therapies and peer support to be instrumental in her recovery.

Many thanks to our fabulous volunteers!

We would be nothing without you

Mom Phone support

Alison Smolin
Jennifer Matson
Rachael Bies
Kendra Atkins-Boyce
Phoebe McDowell
Ursa Fickler
Kim Stetson
Madeline Marin-Foucher
Brittany Butcher
Katie Haywood

Mom Group Support

Leonie Alaeddine
Jeanne Marie Boehme
Marissa Emery
Jaqueline Holden
Katie Ifrah
Crissy Shaffer
Chelsea Scott
Natalie Willes
Virna Darling
Tina Moe
Jennifer Fergusson
Claudia Baskind
Kendra Atkins-Boyce
Daniel Barkat Turner


Kristen Beck
Sara Carmona
Alison Dohman
Sarah Keller
Justine Light

Email Support

Emily Chenoweth

Dad Support

Jason Gibler
Pete Reagan
Sam Stevens
Miguel Gamboa
Rico Jones

Social Media Team

Tiffany Baisch
Stephanie Edman
Susan Mittelstrass
Kate Gardner


Elizabeth Bassett
Robin Gibler
Audrianna Gurr

Founding Director

Wendy Davis

Committee Members

Melissa Cole
Gaby Donnell
Jackie Haddon
Kathleen Kelley
Jennifer Brennan-Kos
Justine Light
Laurie McLary
Jennifer Norberg
Caroline Redstone
MereAnn Reid
Meg Stalnaker
Diane Solomon



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