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Be kind this week

Many of us will be giving thanks this week. Many will enjoy seeing friends and family alike, will enjoy food and good times. But for some, this holiday will be difficult. For others it will be downright excruciating. It’s important that we all realize that often times, we hold back and don’t talk about it (whatever ‘it’ may be) out of fear. Fear of judgement. Fear of stigma.

This is particularly relevant in our current climate but specifically, let’s talk about postpartum depression and anxiety. Let’s not forget symptoms during pregnancy.

Baby Blues Connection has always stood for normalization and we’ve worked to fight the stigma associated with mood disorders. We’ve always listened in an unbiased way and worked with every parent we’ve engaged with to understand where they are at, at that particular moment in time.

During this week of thanks, let us be mindful of this ubiquitous quote for there is so much truth in it. be-kindLet us also strive to fight our tendencies to hold our emotions inside and not let them out. Let us try hard to find that kind, compassionate ear when we need support. Let us all work to BE that kind, compassionate ear. Let us apply this effort to friends and family who may be struggling. Let’s ask “how are you?” and then truly listen.

This week, when you are giving thanks, celebrating in whatever way you may, remember this post and strive to be kind.

An update on how to access support from us this week
The following groups will be meeting:
Wednesday: West-side night-time group at Birthing Stone Doula
Friday: SE Portland, day-time at Alma Movement and Education Space
and Multnomah Village, day-time at Sacred Money Studios and Prosperity Pie Shoppe

Please read more about our groups here.

One can ALWAYS give us a call by dialing 1-800-557-8375. You’ll be leaving a message so you truly can call anytime of the day and we will get your message and call you back.

If calling is too daunting (and for some of us it really is!) please use this form on our webpage to request a call. You can write anything, truly! We’ll get the message and be in touch.

If you prefer, send us an email at info at baby blues connection dot org.

And lastly, consider joining our online support group here. You’ll find a caring community.

Baby Blues Connection is here for you. Always.