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Board of Directors


WENDY N. DAVIS, PhD is a counselor and consultant in private practice and a national perinatal mood disorders trainer. She was the Founding Director of Baby Blues Connection and now serves as Clinical Advisor and a volunteer trainer. She lives in Portland with her husband Tad and their 12 and 15 year old children.

Wendy recovered from postpartum depression and anxiety after the birth of their first child in 1994 and helped create BBC that same year. She is dedicated to Baby Blues Connection and its mission of providing informed and reliable support for pregnant and postpartum families and the professionals who serve them.

Being part of BBC and Postpartum Support International, supporting other families, and training new volunteers has given meaning to her postpartum experience. Now she finds herself grateful for that difficult postpartum time: for the depth, purpose, and community it brought to her life.


Rebecca Binford, Board President & Baby Blues Connection Parent
I first came to Baby Blues Connection in 2010 to access services as a NICU parent after struggling with depression and anxiety throughout my pregnancy.  I became a phone support volunteer and transitioned into a group facilitator role a year and a half later, then joined a subcommittee and ultimately, the board of directors.

I’m deeply committed to the mission of Baby Blues Connection to provide free support services – and to our staff & volunteers who make our work possible through their service to families adjusting to pregnancy, postpartum & parenthood while struggling with depression and anxiety.

Ashley Freeborn, Board Secretary, RN at Legacy Medical Center
I’m happy to continue to give to an organization that had helped me when I was struggling with my first born nine years ago!  It’s a wonderful organization that gives to so many in need during a vulnerable time.

Harmony Mosby, Board Treasurer
With over 12 years of Accounting experience Harmony joined the Board of Directors for Baby Blues Connection in January 2016 as Treasurer.  She also serves as Chair for the Fundraising Committee and has a passion for being a support to Baby Blues Connection in serving parents and their families.

As treasurer and Chair of the Fundraising Committee, Harmony is committed to ensuring the fundraising committee is well supported in strategically planning and managing fundraising efforts, supporting the staff, and partnering to support the entire board our joint effort to grow the organization.

Board Members:

Nita Bogardus, CMPE
I am privileged to work at WHA as a Practice Manager.  I care deeply about women’s health issues.  Postpartum Depression is a reality in a percentage of patients we see every day.  Baby Blues Connection is a wonderful resource in the community for these moms and dads, providing a listening ear, support groups and hope.

Jessica Giberson Realtor, Keller Williams Realty Professionals; The Twin Team
As a mom that dealt with postpartum anxiety, I was drawn to Baby Blues Connection’s mission and programming.  This organization truly cares for others and goes above and beyond to help local families.  I am honored to be on their board, and to support them as they support our community.

Natalie Willes, an expert in infant and toddler sleep, works with families all over the world through her child sleep consultancy, Baby Sleep Trainer. Working with families in one of the most trying times of their lives (when no one is getting any sleep!) has helped Natalie understand how challenging the first few weeks and months of life can be for parents. Through her work with Baby Blues Connection, Natalie helps to oversee the executive and fundraising committees and loves to see the change BBC brings to the lives of hundreds of families in the Portland metro area.

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