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Data Submission Main

BBC Data Submission

BBC needs you to record your data for legal, tax, and grant purposes.  Plus, it is extremely important for us to ensure that we are able to get in contact with those we serve, reach out to the community, and figure out if our resources are being used effectively.  

Please use the following links to submit data in the appropriate place.

Information about Clients (Intake and Updates to Contact Info)

This information should be filled out for every client (e.g. mom, dad, partner, family member, etc.) we support.  Enter the information once for new clients or once when a client’s data changes.  There is no need to enter data multiple times.

Information about Providers

This information should be filled out for every provider (e.g. physician, nurse, counselor, massage therapist, doula, health educator, etc.) who contacts BBC to learn more about our services, refer a client, get on the resource list, etc. 

Phone Calls and Emails

All BBC volunteers need to record information about calls and emails to/from moms, dads, providers, etc.  (Do not include calls made to other BBC volunteers and staff.)

Group Attendance

All group facilitators need to fill out weekly reports for group attendance.

Volunteer Hours

All BBC volunteers need to record all volunteer hours for our tax and grant purposes.

Data You’re Not Sure About

Please do your best to record data in the proper place.  However, if you have anything that you think needs to be reported, but you don’t know where to put it, submit it here, and we’ll try to figure out where it goes.