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With just $10 you can enter to win

December 1st is the first day of our tattoo raffle! Give $10 and be entered to win.

Fancy a new tattoo? How about one for a friend too? Winning would make your wish of a new tattoo in 2017 a reality!

Now through the end of the year, give to Baby Blues Connection through Willamette Week Give!Guide and be entered to win one tattoo for you and another for a friend. Check out the fine print below for details.


We’ve partnered with Tattoos by Momma Tomma for this special offer! How do you enter? Give to Baby Blues Connection! Click Here and give  today.

Check out Momma Tomma here on Instagram and here on Facebook. Here’s her webpage too!

$10=1 entry.
$20= 2 entries.
No limit on the amount of entries!

Donate often to increase your chances of winning. Give on Monday and again on Tuesday. Contribute once each pay period. Skip two $5 coffees and enter to win instead! Join forces with a friend and pool your money together! Give a donation in your besties name as a holiday gift. Get creative.

And don’t worry. If you aren’t the type who likes tattoos, you aren’t obligated. We’ll check with you before announcing you are the winner and if you decline, we’ll pick again. Tattoos aren’t for everyone but if they are for you, we hope you win! Good luck.

The fine print:
We’ll draw the winner January 1st. 
You’ll need to schedule the tattoo with Momma Tomma directly. 
The tattoo will be ‘hand-sized’. 
Some limitations on placement. Discuss with Momma Tomma. 
Tattoo must take place in Portland, Oregon. 

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