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Farewell Friend

Farewells are never easy. It is with sadness that we announce that Lisa Coss, our Program Coordinator, has resigned from her position.

Lisa provided many years of valuable service to Baby Blues Connection, first as a volunteer, then as our Administrative Assistant and finally as our Program Coordinator. It won’t be easy to fill her shoes. Lisa and Angie worked so very well together that often one would just know what the other needed help with without being told!

Committed. Hardworking. Kind. Strong. Generous. These are words we can use to describe Lisa. Her desire to support the parents who call upon BBC for help as she once received help herself brought her to this organization and now she leaves, taking her motivation to do good in the world to her next adventure, whatever that may be. We will miss her, so very, very much.

Lisa wrote the following message to the volunteers. We’re choosing to share it because it illustrates the depth of her caring and her dedication to the organization.

“Hello BBC Volunteers! I wanted to reach out to you directly to let you know that Wednesday September 6th will be my last day with Baby Blues Connection. I have decided to leave my position in search of new challenges (hopefully outside the home!) This feels like a huge transition for me.

I came to BBC as a very terrified new mom in July 2007. BBC helped me feel like a good person and a good mom, and really saved my life. I will never forget the first group I attended, I was the mom who couldn’t stop crying for the entire hour and a half. Working with Angie has been such an honor. She has helped me acquire so many skills and I am forever grateful to her for seeing something in me that I couldn’t see in myself. I will really miss our little team, Angie.

Thank you volunteers for putting yourselves out there and being available to parents in need. You are amazing. I bid adieu to BBC half devastated and half excited to see what comes next. Please keep up the great work, friends! I will miss you all!”

We’ll miss you Lisa. But we wish you the best in your next position and we hope you won’t be a stranger. Thank you for all you have done for Baby Blues Connection, our volunteers, our board members and most importantly the parents we support. Thank you.