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Naturopathic Care

Naturopathic Care

The following care providers have demonstrated a special interest in treating and serving women experiencing postpartum adjustment issues including depression and anxiety (PPD and PPD/A).  Because Baby Blues Connection cannot recommend any specific intervention we suggest you call the provider and discuss your exact needs and concerns.


  • Marsha Hamilton, ND
    Flow Natural Health Care
    11630 SE 40th ave, Suite C
    Milwaukie, OR 97222
    Flow Natural Health Care is a primary care clinic dedicated to providing compassionate, sustainable and comprehensive health care to the whole family. We treat individuals and families in their entirety, from pre-conception and on. We work with you and for you, blending modern medicine and the ancient healing arts to give you back your health and happiness.
  • Sara Ohgushi, ND
    2207 NE Broadway, Suite 200
    Portland, OR 97232
    Provides natural childbirth, postpartum care, including breastfeeding support, and family health care using herbal medicine, diet, nutritional supplements and homeopathy.
  • Whole Family Health Clinic
    Holly Zapf, ND
    2928 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 106
    Portland OR 97214
    Provides classical homeopathy, nutritional guidance and therapeutic exercises in a family-oriented practice treating pregnant and postpartum women, as well as children of all ages.
  • Insights to Health Clinic
    Christie Winkelman, ND, MA
    2929 SW Multnomah Blvd, Suite 302, Portland, OR 927219
    As counselors and naturopathic physicians, the doctors at Insights to Health recognize the importance of treating the whole person: mind, body and spirit. By utilizing a wide array of natural therapies we work with patients to remove obstacles to physical and mental health to restore balance and well-being. We also have the ability to treat infants and small children for sleep problems, fussiness/irritability, teething, allergies (among all other medical conditions), which can offer support to the mother and family.
  • Jennifer Curtiss, ND
    Portland Family Health
    4004 SE Woodstock Blvd., Suite 4
    Portland, OR 97202
    I currently support the health of families in Portland, specializing in preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum health for men and women. I assess and treat the physiologic imbalances that result in mood, pain, sleep, digestive, and hormonal disorders. My naturopathic assessment may include nutrition, MTHFR gene mutations, hormone, and neurotransmitter lab testing. I also assess and treat structural trauma, emotional trauma, and disorders of the pelvic floor following labor using the technique, Holistic Pelvic Care™. As a medical detective, I identify and treat the cause of your symptoms allowing you to return to your true vital self.
  • Jessica Brooke Huffman, ND
    2BWell Clinic
    2 NW 3rd ave.
    Portland, OR 97209
    Dr. Brooke Huffman is a naturopathic physician committed to helping people enhance their lives by optimizing their health. She works closely with patients to help them remove obstacles to their health as a primary means of restoring balance.
  • Alison Schulz
    Springwater Wellness
    6214 SE Milwaukie ave.
    Portland, OR 97202
    Dr.Schulz is a naturopathic physician with a focus in women’s health and pediatric care. She offers both conventional and holistic approaches to healthcare including the use of botanical medicines, nutritional support, hormone and neurotransmitter balancing, and pharmaceutical agents as needed.
  • Alicia Hart
    Vitality Natural Medicine

    7455 SW Bridgeport Rd. Suite E-240
    Tigard, OR 97224
    Dr. Hart is a naturopathic physician who has completed additional training in pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding management. She has personal experience with high risk pregnancy, colicky babies, breastfeeding woes, never sleeping, and multiple order births. 
Dr. Hart is comfortable using pharmaceuticals, botanical medicines, homeopathy, neurotransmitter and hormone balancing, clinical nutrition, and intentional community building to help you return to your best health.

If you are aware of a resource for mothers with PPD or PPD/A that is not listed here, or if a current listing needs updating, please Contact Us.