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Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric Services

The following care providers have demonstrated a special interest in treating and serving women experiencing postpartum adjustment issues including depression and anxiety (PPD and PPD/A).  Because the Baby Blues Connection cannot recommend any specific intervention we suggest you call the provider and discuss your exact needs and concerns.

  • Wildwood Psychiatric Resource Center, P.C.
    Main Office 503-629-2131
    16110 SW Regatta Ln.
    Beaverton, OR 97006

    Rita Hill, RN PsyD 503-690-0306
    Ann Howard, MD 503-690-8606
    Marcia Kahn, MD 503-645-9444
    Glenda Peterson, MN, PMHNP 503-645-8216
    Individual, group, and family treatment programs, including comprehensive evaluations, educational materials, classes, plus medical and non-medical interventions.

  • Diane N. Solomon, PMHNP, CNM
    833 SW 11th Ave., Suite 925
    Portland, OR 97205
    Offers psychiatric evaluation and treatment, including specialized interest in pregnancy and postpartum issues.

    Dale Norma Oller, MD
    5319 S.W. Westgate Dr., Ste 107
    Portland, OR 97221
    Evaluation, medications, and relational psychotherapy for adult women. Special interest in pregnancy, postpartum and prescribing medications during these times. Cognitive Behavioral Group therapy for OCD pregnant or postpartum women (and their partners). Communicate with Midwives, OB’s and Pediatricians.

    Carol R. Stampfer FNP, PMHNP
    833 SW 11th Ave. #620
    Portland, Oregon 97205
    Evaluations, psychiatric medication management and psychotherapy for men and women. Special interests in prenatal and postpartum adjustment issues, ADHD, anxiety and adolescent/young adult emotional challenges. Psychotherapy is based in a biologic, family structure and cognitive behavioral theories. I also teach mindfulness skills.

    Mary Welch, PMHNP
    Portland, OR 503-504-2157
    Wise Counsel and Comfort
    423 NE 60th Ave
    Portland, OR 97213
    I provide psychiatric assessments, medication management, and counseling services. I work collaboratively with women and families. My goal is to provide women with as much education and support as needed to make informed decisions. I can provide flexible services including telephone visits.

    Kathleen Kelley, PMHNP
    5319 SW Westgate Dr. Suite 107
    Portland, Oregon 97221
    Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP), with advanced training in psychotherapy and medication management. Individualized and holistic approach to both psychotherapy and medications. Therapy is relationship-based, and draws from supportive, psychodynamic, and cognitively based traditions. I am also able to provide medication management for clients who are currently receiving therapy from another provider.

    Colby Rauch, PMHNP, LLC
    (503) 926-2404
    Individual Counseling and Medication Management
    516 SE Morrison St., Suite 705
    Portland, OR 97214
    I believe that psychiatric medications are most effective when used in conjunction with counseling. I provide individual counseling as well as medication management. I am happy to see clients who are actively engaged in therapy with another provider, and I will make every effort to coordinate care with your therapist. I particularly enjoy long-term relationship-based therapy and I am interested in working closely with therapists who perform this type of counseling.

    Psychological Service Center of Pacific University
    511 SW 10th Ave., Suite 400
    Portland, OR 97205
    Individual and group counseling dealing with depressive and anxiety disorders, as well as medication evaluation with psychiatric nurse practitioner for those actively involved in psychotherapy. Sliding fee scale available for all services.

    Lifeworks NW
    Prevention and treatment services offered to families, children and adults –from physician and social services providers. Call to schedule an appointment.

    OHSU Behavioral Health Clinic
    621 SW Alder St., Suite 520
    Portland, OR 97205
    Individual and group counseling and medication management. Sliding fee scale available for Multnomah County residents.

    Dena K. Drasin, MD
    503-720-1313 6834
    SE 28th Ave.
    Portland, OR 97202
    Child psychiatrist providing care to mothers and children using trauma touch therapy, which helps patients follow body sensations and regain a feeling of aliveness.

If you are aware of a resource for mothers with PPD or PPD/A that is not listed here, or if a current listing needs updating, please Contact Us.