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Finding a Way To Cope

I must find a way to be a mother today, find a way to cope.

About 90% of our volunteers lived postpartum depression or anxiety. In sharing our stories, we hope to encourage those who might be suffering to reach out and get help. To call us, and to know that we truly understand.

“I was battling postpartum depression, and losing the battle. Everyday I would wake in fear for the day and every night I would battle sleep as my mind filled with every possible anxiety and worry. Everyone said I was fine, that life was hard with a baby, but was it supposed to be this hard? I never really told anyone how bad it was for fear of appearing vulnerable or weak. I used to be so strong and positive all of the time and now I felt like I was drowning in my own life with absolutely nobody to rescue me.” read more of Sydney’s story here.

If you relate to Sydney, please reach out. It’s the first step to feeling better.

Toll-free 1-800-557-8375. Leave a message, any time day or night and we will call you back.