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Our Mission at Baby Blues Connection is to provide free support, information, and resources to women and families coping with pregnancy and postpartum depression, and to further support and educate the professionals who serve them.

Our goal is to support all families through the early years of new parenting. Over of 15% of pregnant and postpartum women will experience some form of depression, anxiety, feelings of isolation or hopelessness. If symptoms are present in the mother, the partner has a 50% chance of experiencing symptoms. Left unchecked, depression and anxiety in either parent can affect the parent-to-child bond, causing developmental issues.

We strive to make sure every family knows that they are not alone, and we work tirelessly to connect them with the resources they need to thrive.

We build connections with parents through email, group, phone and online support, with programs tailored to both mothers and fathers.

In 2017 alone, 27,013 parents connected with perinatal-care and resources through our webpage. While not all required our direct support, records show over 300 hours of personalized help from our trained volunteers. Due to the on-going nature and ambiguity of individual care, the actual number is estimated to be higher.

Compassionate, personalize care. We meet parents in need where they are at. We listen and help them make decisions, access resources and plan next steps.

Every $10 donation pays for 66 outreach brochures. In 2017, we distributed 21,165 brochures across the Portland and Vancouver metro areas resulting in 1,331 direct support connections.

A $50 donation trains one of our volunteers who will go on to complete 2-4 hours of direct support every week.

Here are a few words from parents and providers in our community about the value of the support we provide.

At 40, I was a first time mother. I experienced postpartum depression and none of my friends gone through it. BBC gave me a safe place to feel and express it. It saved me from shame and alienation. Thank you!
-Jackie J

As a women’s health care worker, nurse, mother, and woman I appreciate and honor all the work you do for women, families, children, my patients and our community. Your existence is invaluable. With the utmost gratitude for all you do!
-Kathryn D

I decided to volunteer at Baby Blues when I figured out that I had been having anxiety, depression and felt alone. When I joined I felt support immediately, I felt I was not alone. It helped me to accept my experience and that there was nothing wring with me, that I was not a bad mother. Baby blues help me heal.
Thank you Baby Blues Connection!
-Adriana A

After my daughter was born, nursing did not work out. It was so hard to give up on the idea of feeding her the way I had always hoped. The mentor moms at Baby Blues Connection got me through it.
-Christy S

Check out this short video about what we do.


Please consider a year-end donation through Give!Guide by clicking here. If you prefer, you can paypal us at admin at baby blues connection dot org or mail directly to PO Box 33128, Portland, OR 97292.

Thank you for your support!