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Encourage your children to give

As part of Willamette Weeks Give!Guide, there is a 35 and under challenge. It’s goal is to instill a giving nature in the next generation. There’s also a prize: nonprofits with the most individual donors 35 and under in each category will be awarded $1000. This challenge is generously sponsored by the Schlesinger Family Foundation.

We propose that everyone encourage their children to give to BBC.

Let’s start the conversation about what Baby Blues Connection does to support parents and how COMMON it is to be depressed or anxious after welcoming a child into your life. If you were impacted by PPD/A, talk about your own experience. Let it be a time of healing and learning.  Let it be a time of normalization. Let it be a pivotal moment for the younger generation and let suffering be lessened in future years.

Visit the Give!Guide between now and the end of the year to give to BBC.

Check the 35 and under box if your child(ren) give to BBC. 

35 and under challenge