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Give!Guide starts tomorrow

We are so very, very proud to be included in Willamette Week’s Give!Guide for the 3rd year in a row! This year, we’re going big. We’re offering great prizes. We’re setting our goal high and are looking for your support to meet our goal. Here’s the link to give to BBC tomorrow!

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Listen to our stories and start to tell yours as well. With one in seven women experiencing some form of perinatal mood disorders, our similarities are probably greater than our differences. There’s strength in hearing someone’s story and it’s validating to tell it. It helps so very much to hear, “I felt the same way”.

Our goal this year is to raise $20,000. That’s a huge amount. And every little bit counts. Just $10 has immense value to us!¬†Every $10 donation pays for one third of our monthly phone bill which helps keep our critical lines of communication open.

The competitive person in all of us can really help us win the 35 and under challenge. This challenge is designed to encourage giving in, you guessed it, anyone 35 years of age or younger. There’s a prize if we win and we want to win!

Give!Guide opens tomorrow. Or at midnight tonight, if you really want to be specific and you are *slightly* competitive. (Click here if you are competitive!)

Tomorrow we’re giving away 3, $10 gift certificates to Pip’s Donuts! Plus some Pip’s swag as well.