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Giving Tuesday- A special incentive to give TODAY

Today is Giving Tuesday!

What’s Giving Tuesday? Giving Tuesday is a day to give to your favorite non-profit (certainly this is Baby Blues Connection) as a way to fill your karma bank up with goodness for the rest of the holiday season.

Our goal for today is $1,000!

As a special incentive to give, we’ll be entering all donations to win a special edition print by The Playful Daisy (featured below). We appreciate how Rebecca’s print puts the PPD/A experience into words.

From the artist, “These prints are an exploration of the emotional journey to motherhood through pregnancy. For many women, it is a very emotional and overwhelming. The background words in both prints are words from about 10 women and tell their emotional story of pregnancy. The words in white (on the gray print) are my words and represent one depiction of perinatal mood disorders.

My goal with these prints and others in the series is to explore the powerful and overwhelming process of becoming a mother over the many long months of pregnancy. I wanted to give voice to all kinds of mothers, whether struggling, thriving or somewhere in the middle. Just like groups with BBC, I want to clear a space in our culture and society to accept the incredible variety of experiences regarding motherhood, both good and bad.”

These words are ones that all survivors think, speak, hear at some point. It’s a bold piece and wouldn’t you like it to be yours! Give today.