PO Box 33128, Portland, OR 97292

Group space needed!

From time to time we are in the position of needing a new space for our weekly parent-to-parent support groups. As a non-profit with a small operating budget, we need the space to be donated but can supply you with a receipt for tax purposes. If you have space for a two- hour, weekly group please be in touch! Your location just might be perfect for our needs. Keep in mind that we also desire a room which has a closed door, for privacy. A floor space where parents can sit with small children is also helpful. We love it if there is a space to store a few toys and items like Kleenx or a few diapers is great but not mandatory. You can be in touch with us at info at babybluesconnection dot orgĀ or please call our toll-free line at 1-800-557-8375 and leave us a message.