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Baby Blues Connection is a peer-to-peer support service based in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, WA metro areas.

We Are Here to Help

If you believe that you or someone you know has prenatal or postpartum depression, there is hope. Contacting us can be the first step to feeling better. Call or write us and learn more.

Toll Free: 1-800-557-8375
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Email: info@babybluesconnection.org

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For Moms and Families

A mother may experience an array of confusing and frightening symptoms for which she is completely unprepared. She might find herself unable to sleep or eat, be subject to sudden panic attacks, or feel nothing toward the baby she had expected to enjoy. Often, mothers feel inadequate and guilty, afraid to admit their feelings, especially in an age where women are expected to be “super moms”. This inability to ask for help only leads to further isolation and a deepening of their depression. Not only is it ok to ask for help, it is necessary. 

Dads too can experience postpartum depression and anxiety, especially if depression or anxiety is prevalent in the mother.
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What BBC Can do for You

  • Call our 24-hour message line and talk to an understanding person who has recovered from prenatal or postpartum depression and anxiety. We can also support women experiencing pregnancy loss. Additionally, we provide support for dads and partners who are coping with depression or anxiety themselves or who need information on how best to support the mother.
  • Meet and share with other moms who are dealing with the same scary emotions and frustrations at our mom to mom support groups.
  • Learn more about antepartum and postpartum disorders.
  • Find out where to go for additional help and professional treatment services. 

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Baby Blues Connection was born in 1994. After developing a formal program in 1997, combining volunteer training and mentoring, BBC trained its first group of recovered moms who became phone support and group facilitators, delivering our unique model of mom-to-mom support. We received non-profit status in 2003. Since then BBC has solidified its position in the community as the organization which provides free information and support to pregnant and postpartum families struggling with depression, anxiety and adjustment stress.

You can show your support for our organization and it’s mission by signing up to be a member. Pledge to do what you can to spread the word about this treatable disorder by encouraging your friends to do the same. No mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle or friend should go unsupported. Do your part and join Baby Blues Connection today.