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Layer Cake Sponsor- ABC Doula

Kimberly Bepler and the 15 doulas of ABC Doula Service have been long time supporters of Baby Blues Connection. This year, they’re sponsoring Depressed Cake Shop Portland at the Layer Cake level! ABC Logo

Kimberly is also hosting Joanna McNeilly from the Center for Baby Wearing Studies to bring a Certified Baby Wearing Educator to the Portland metro area. Click here for information about the class. Kimberly says that this class is great because it teaches educators to meet parents where they are at and there no expectation to buy or have a certain type of wrap. Click here to sign up for the class. 

Known for specializing in twin and overnight care, Kimberly says, “we’re here to help but we’re never going to take over.” ABC Doula supports all families but is enjoying supporting some single dads, expat surrogate families and teaching problem solving to parents going through the crying curve.