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Join Our Resource List. Learn how!

Baby Blues Connection is seeking new providers to join our resource list!

At BBC, we utilize a resource list of providers who have special interest in treating and serving women and families experiencing pregnancy/postpartum issues, including depression and anxiety (PPD and PPD/A). Baby Blues Connection cannot recommend any specific intervention but will use our resource list to connect parents in need with providers.

Many parents who reach out to us for support are also looking for mental health clinicians, medication management or a variety of other kinds of  providers such as breastfeeding support. We believe it’s our role to help connect parents, to the degree which we can.

We’re working to add a button ‘help me find a provider’ button on our webpage. Parents can search our already in place online database by insurance type or area of town to find a resource themselves. Or, once added, they can use the new provider button, fill out a simple form and send us an email. Our volunteers then email providers directly, seeking an opening.  We then give the parent the providers contact information.

If you are interested in being on our resource list & receiving referrals, please go here and be in touch. After you submit your application, our vetting committee will be in touch within one week. Once approved, new providers are added to our webpage within 30 days. Volunteers may be in touch with you directly sooner.

We work hard to help parents find the help they need. This starts with communication between BBC volunteers and providers. We truly understand how overwhelming and difficult it can be to find a provider when you are struggling with a perinatal mood disorder.  We believe you care greatly too! We’re committed to helping parents as best as we can. Join us by submitting an application today.