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Personal Stories

The stories listed below are written by Portland and Vancouver area moms who have experienced perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. It can be very helpful to read these stories as you work through your own recovery. Please keep in mind that some stories posted here may be triggering if you are emotionally vulnerable right now.

Angie’s Story
by Angie Fitzpatrick

Ann’s Story
by Ann

Anne’s Story
by Anne Walsleben

Barbara’s Story
by Barbara Kelso

Becca’s Story
by Becca Binford

Beth’s Story
by Beth

Cara’s Story
by Cara Ponzini-Beck

Crissy’s Story
by Crissy Shaffer

Dorothy’s Story
by Dorothy Spence

Heather’s Story
by Heather Hippenstiel

Jeanne Marie’s Story
by Jeanne Marie Johnson

Kim’s Story
by Kim Paige

Laura’s Story
by Laura Knauer

Leonie’s Story
by Leonie North Alaeddine

Louise’s Story
by Louise Burnett

Melissa’s Story
by Melissa

Nicole’s Story
by Nicole Breazeale Schmidt

Rebecca’s Story
by Rebecca Poole

Stephanie’s Story
by Stephanie Edman

Sydney’s Story #1 and #2
by Sydney Steiner

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