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The ideal treatment plan for a postpartum reaction includes:

  • Medical Evaluation
    A medical evaluation can help to rule out physiological causes of symptoms.  A common problem that can cause or contribute to postpartum disorders is thyroid dysfunction.  Your doctor may also talk to you about medications that you may want to consider to help treat your postpartum disorder.
  • Psychiatric Evaluation
    A professional trained in postpartum disorders can help determine if the problem is indeed a postpartum disorder and may offer additional information on how to handle treatment.
  • Participation in a Support Group
    A support group is an ideal way to gain emotional support and education from women who understand what you are going through because they too may be currently experiencing similar problems or have had postpartum disorders and recovered.
  • Psychotherapy
    A trained therapist or counselor can help you learn coping skills specific to your situation as well as help you deal with deeper issues that may contribute to your postpartum disorder.