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Our Give!Guide incentives

We swell with pride at being included in another year of Willamette Week’s Give!Guide and are thrilled to share with you the wonderful incentives that we’ve lined up. That’s right! In addition to the incentives that Willamette Week gives for your participation, we have our own. We’ll be announcing the specifics closer to the date. There’s just over TWO weeks left until Give!Guide starts. Mark your calendars- 11/4/2015.

G!G '15Pip’s Original Doughnuts 
Pip’s is generously giving voucher worth four free donuts to 100 people who give to BBC. Have you tried these little bits of deliciousness yet?!

The Goodfoot Pub & Lounge
The Goodfoot kindly granted us 50 vouchers for one free beer! Listen to some tunes, get your grove on post give.

Equinox Restaurant
Serving the BBC- Bailey’s, Bourbon and Coffee on their menu the entire month of December and highlighting the work we do to support mothers and families.

Wonderland Tattoo
You could be the lucky recipient of a tattoo by Alice Carrier! All donations will be entered to win this fabulous incentive by a very popular tattoo artist.


Additionally, we’ll have surprise incentives associated with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Show your love and support of BBC by sharing that you gave on FB- be entered to win! Re-tweet that you donated to BBC- be entered to win! Share our Instagram post- be entered to win!

Special incentives abound but the real love comes from knowing you are supporting and organization that does very valuable and important work.