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PDX Green Team supports Depressed Cake Shop Portland

We’re pleased to have formed a new partnership with Darcie Alexander and PDX Green Team. They are supporting Depressed Cake Shop Portland as a Layer Cake Sponsor! We are so thankful for their sponsorship.

PDX_GreenTeam_vert_4cHilary Bourassa and Darcie Alexander formed PDX Green team in 2009. They’ve added four more Portland area Realtors since then. They strive to make the process of buying and selling real estate a stress free and rewarding experience, working as as if each home were their own. With integrity and respect, they are dedicated to helping their clients achieve their real estate and investment goals. They enjoy serving families by helping them achieve their dream of homeownership!

They support the local community through good business practices, honesty, hard work, sustainable actions and education. We donate a portion of our commission to a local non-profit at the end of every transaction and let our clients decide where that money will go. Read more about their giving back program here. 

Darcie suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety after the birth of her first son and leaned heavily on her local support group. Because of that experience she wanted to give back to BBC and also provide more awareness to the issue. She shares her story here. If you are struggling, please read it. It’s always beneficial to hear personal stories that you can relate to and to hear how others came out on the other side. 

Their new webpage has some pretty amazing photography from their good friend and past client Jen Downer. Their current goals include maintaining work/life balance while continuing to provide a great experience for those people they are fortunate to serve.