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A Reason to Support Us

“The anxiety was so strong, even when I had a chance to sleep I couldn’t shut my eyes without thinking about all of the things that needed to be done. I was also struggling with OCD and intrusive thoughts. This went on for the first year.

I told my OBGYN, friends and family about my sadness and horrible thoughts about harm coming to my baby. I was told that I was “just tired” or that “it was normal” and “it would go away on its own.” Even seasoned medical professionals dismissed my concerns, so I continued to suffer. No one knew how to help me and I didn’t have the energy to help myself. ”

Nicole describes the intense anxiety she felt after the birth of her oldest child.

Someone who has never experienced anything like postpartum anxiety, might not begin to understand. It’s our goal that by sharing our personal experiences, we’ll create understanding. We’ll lessen the stigma. We’ll educate. We’ll create a climate of compassion.

If you are struggling, please reach out. Please speak up. Please contact Baby Blues Connection. 1-800-557-8375

Support the work we do and help us to normalize experiences like Nicole’s, to educate providers, to distribute brochures and reach families who need information. Give to Baby Blues Connection- giveguide.org/#babybluesconnection (link live on Nov 5th)