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Secret Stories: Listen, Love, Share!

Don’t let parenting kill you! Shh, Don’t Tell Stories are raw, real, first person tales about the mostly hidden and sometimes horrible parts of parenting. They’re short – ten minutes or less – drawing you in, packing a punch, and connecting you to a wider community.

They’re made for parents who find themselves pushed to an edge and would like to feel less alone. They’re also for friends, family and colleagues of parents, people who are thinking about becoming parents, and people who have been parented themselves.  Yep, everybody.

All as a starting place to listen, ask questions and perhaps help.

Baby Blues Connection is partnering on Shh, Don’t Tell Stories with long-time public radio journalist Emily Harris. You can catch up on what’s posted already and hear new stories as they come by following on Facebook or Twittersubscribing on iOS or Android, or bookmarking shhdonttellstories.com.

Between Mothers Day and Fathers Day 2018, we’ll add to this collection a couple of times a week. They will always be there as a resource. We hope some will become part of pre-natal classes. Just like parenting, these experiences are timeless. Some stories are more than a decade old, others were recorded more recently.


Stories so far:

What the F*ck Do You Want From Me?

“Who screams that at their newborn baby?” asks Becca. She’s got an answer: “Me. And I’m not the only one.” 

When Baby Crushes Marriage

Brenna is caught off guard by how much having a child affects her marriage and her sense of freedom.

Wife’s Never Home Anyway

Don’s rocky road to stay-at-home-dadhood includes a motorcycle hero and a blowup at library storytime.

Spilled Milk

Breastfeeding certainly can an be a true pain. Cyreena also had to navigate cheerleaders telling her to” just try harder” before getting what her baby needed.

Got a story to share? shhdonttellstories@gmail.com or 1-252-419-1559

Don’t let parenting kill you! Talk! And listen.