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We’ll be Skipping Bedtime. Will you?

Skipping Bedtime is just a few weeks away. We’re looking forward to it. Will you be there? Get your tickets today and save a few bucks. One can buy tickets at the door too.

DJ Rescue is coming in to spin fun-times and guilty pleasures for our March party! We know the place is going to be packed.

Dancing improves mood, balance and agility. One doesn’t need to be a *good* dancer to feel the benefits either! Just get on the floor, let the music move you and dance, dance, dance. We like to think of Skipping Bedtime as self-care. Getting your groove on, being out at night without tiny humans, with or without friends- it’s all a win, win!

Join us Sunday, March 12th, 6-10 pm at Holocene. Here’s Skipping Bedtime’s Facebook page.  Help us spread the word and invite all your favorites to join you.

Get somebody else to put the kids to bed and come enjoy a night out! Dancing, Drinks, Fun- and you can still be home and in bed by 10:30 pm. This party is truly unique.

Bring your friends! Tell all tired people! Get some exercise while having a good time. No one will ask you to for  *just one more drink of water*, or to read *just one more story* before bed or suddenly remember *just one more thing that happened* at school, on the playground, at the park or to the cat. You’ll be on your own, surrounded by like minds with little care about ANYTHING other than what is the next song DJ Rescue will play. It’ll be magical!

Tickets $7 in advance, $10 at the door.

Get your tickets here.

All profits go to Baby Blues Connection!

‘Cause if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.