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A Special Incentive for Giving Tuesday 12/2/2014

We’re so thrilled to receive these awesome original art prints that truly speak of the PPD/A experience.
IMG_5512The artist’s words: “These prints are an exploration of the emotional journey to motherhood through pregnancy. For many women, it is a very emotional and overwhelming. The background words in both prints are words from about 10 women and tell their emotional story of pregnancy. The words in white (on the gray print) are my words and represent one depiction of perinatal mood disorders.” –Rebecca Poole, The Playful Daisy

We have several to give away and one could be yours! Participate in Giving Tuesday and be entered to win of your own.

But wait….there’s more!

Give!Guide is also giving away a bike from Bike Gallery! Decemeber 2nd- Giving Tuesday. Mark your calendars to GIVE and fill your karma bank.

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And if you haven’t had a chance- check out our video.