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Be kind this week

Many of us will be giving thanks this week. Many will enjoy seeing friends and family alike, will enjoy food and good times. But for some, this holiday will be difficult. For others it will be downright excruciating. It’s important that we all realize that often times, we hold back […]


The worst season

Often, winter in the Northwest is the hardest time of the year. The grey skies, the drizzle. It can be too much. If you have young kids, you might not want to get outside. You may worry about them being cold/wet, especially if you have a baby. The kids start to […]


A reminder about group locations

We’ve had some changes to our group locations this year. We wanted to be sure you were updated so here is a link to where our mom-to-mom (and dad-to-dad) groups currently meet. Join us! And just a reminder, to please check in with the facilitator before or after group if […]


“I Thought I Was Depressed”

“And I remember saying to her, between gasping tears, that I thought I was depressed – words that carried so much intense power because of the prevalence of depression in my immediate family. And I remember the relief and the sense of almost lightness I felt once the tears had […]