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We’ll be Skipping Bedtime. Will you?

Skipping Bedtime is just a few weeks away. We’re looking forward to it. Will you be there? Get your tickets today and save a few bucks. One can buy tickets at the door too. DJ Rescue is coming in to spin fun-times and guilty pleasures for our March party! We know the place […]

Looking out for you

Let’s have a mantra for today. Be your best friend. No one knows you better than you. Give us a call if you need support. Tell us how you are feeling. We’re here for you! 1-800-577-8375  

An Important Thing to Remember

It’s so important that we make time for ourselves. How are we to care for others without taking time to recharge ourselves? Making time for you do not make you a bad parent. It shows you value yourself which is self-love.

New Tools

We at Baby Blues Connection are advocates for self-care. But we understand that as new parents it can be incredibly hard to find time to ourselves while tending life, children and responsibilities. We often find ourselves squeezing in a few minutes online here and there, searching out commonalities with those […]