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Thank you and goodbye

It has been said that all good things must come to an end.

It is with great honor that we say thank you and goodbye to a long time volunteer and board member, Becca Binford.

For more than six years, Becca has served in many roles in the organization. First, she was a phone support volunteer, and then a group facilitator. She joined the board of directors, and then became the board president. Baby Blues Connection is a much stronger organization because of Becca’s dedication.

The board of directors met earlier this month, and named Erin Anderson as interim board chair and Nurit Fischler as interim vice chair. They join Treasurer Harmony Mosby and Secretary Jaime Cale as officers on the Baby Blues Connection board for directors.

Erin can be reached at erin e a at gmail dot com and Nurit can be reached at  nurit fischler at gmail dot com. 

The Board of Directors, Baby Blues Connection