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Strike Sponsor Natalie Willes supports We’ve Got Love to Spare

Baby Blues Connection is proud to have Natalie Willes from Baby Sleep Trainer as a Strike Sponsor for our spring fundraising event, We’ve Got Love to Spare coming up quick on 5/13/17. Natalie supports BBC because of the “incredible service they provide for families in the community”.

Natalie finds that in her work many moms struggling with postpartum anxiety reach out for help. She speculates this is because they are so anxious themselves. She feels that anxiety is perhaps more common than postpartum depression.

“I work with many Type A women, some are working, some are not. What I know from my own experience is that our brains can’t cope with so many stressors, so we aren’t sleeping well ourselves and we’re in delicate state”, says Natalie. “It’s a chicken or egg situation. The child isn’t  sleeping well.  Mom might have anxiety (or depression) because has child not sleeping well, either. She cannot recoup herself, so she can’t sleep train, so the kid can’t sleep, so perpetuates situation.”

Natalie came to be a sleep trainer in an unexpected way. She herself had a child really young. She was also very religious and didn’t think she would want to work outside the home. When her daughter was few weeks old, Natalie started consuming and devouring information. “Blogs we’re just getting going and what was out there was more or less saying the same thing about sleep training. They were saying that in infancy, the reason your kid isn’t sleep is because they don’t know how to fall asleep on their own. I realized all the methods out there were more or less same thing so I developed my own method and figured out how to help others, having gone through my own experience.”

“I didn’t suffer from postpartum depression myself. I suffered from debilitating postpartum depression which was exacerbated by lack of sleep. Not sleeping perpetuated my anxiety so I tried to take control by sleep training.”

Now she works very closely with families all over the country and all over the world with about 25% of families here in the Portland metro area to help with sleep training. The average time she works with families is about two weeks. All consultations are done via video conference.

Natalie notes that sleeping training is controversial. “I don’t think people don’t need to train if they don’t want to.”

Baby Blues Connection doesn’t endorse any one method or treatment. Families need to do their own research and decide what will work best for themselves.

Natalie stresses that she strongly feels that “everyone should be open to the idea of sleep training. One need not feel helpless because there is a solution. Best ways to deal with PMADs (perinatal mood and anxiety disorders) is to get sleep. Sleep is as important or more important as eating. As a sleep training consultant, I’m here to support you, hold your hand and answer all your questions.”

If you are someone you know is interested in finding out more, the best way to contact Natalie is to go to her website, then to text directly or contact through website. It should be noted that there are a lot of resources on web page, and she hosts weekly free, live question and answer sessions on Facebook. These happen Tuesdays at noon, west coast time.

Natalie is looking forward to supporting Baby Blues Connection and We’ve Got Love to Spare saying “it’s one of my most favorite events.”

Tickets for the event can be purchased at this link