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What we are thankful for

The past weekend, we spent time considering what we are thankful for. thank-you

We really should’t need a specific weekend to reflect on what we have to be thankful for. Yet, there we were, considering and reflecting on how we, as an organization, manage ourselves and we kept coming back to the same thing…there are so many people we need to thank.

You see, as a mostly volunteer run organization, we can’t get around the fact that volunteer hours propel us. It’s what keeps us going. It’s volunteers who do our daily activity, who answer our calls and delivery that person-to-person support. We are nothing without our volunteers. So thank you. You know who you are. And we owe you a great debt of gratitude.

If our volunteers are our soul then our board of directors are our bones. You are the support which enables us to complete the tasks or daily operation. You are unseen heroes, operating in the shadows, silently but consistently. You also know who you are and you are very, very important to us.

If our body functions because of volunteers and board support our backbone is our donors who support us while we consistently provide dedicated support to the mothers and parents who reach out to us. You are the force that moves us to action. Your support enables us. You provide the means.

And to our staff, who operate without prompt, who recognize what needs to be done and just does it…you are our shining light.

You may not know, when you call or reach out how, much effort and thought when into your reception. You may not know when you look for a resource for a client how much behind the scenes work and record keeping went into answering your plea with precision. If you look at our webpage and think, “there is so much information here!”, realize that many, many fingers touched those words and thought of you all the while. We are many. We share similar experiences. Because of us all, we feel community and acceptance. Our shared experience normalizes and validates our feelings.

Because of our community, ie. the thousands of women and men out there who support the work that we do, we all feel supported. If you were to reach out to all of us in the comments of this blog post you would find a multitude of kind-hearted individuals ready to support you. Reach out on our Facebook group of online support group and find the same.

Within Baby Blues Connection one is NEVER alone. You can support our mission here. Join us as a volunteer here (next training in February 2017!), express interest in joining us as a board member here and most importantly access support here by requesting a call here, joining our online group here, here is info on attending one of our groups or simply post in the comments that you need support and we’ll be there for you.

Baby Blues Connection is all about community and connectivity. It’s about validating and normalizing. You are never alone.