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Where we stand

On World Refugee Day and out of deep concern for children separated from families at the border, we make the following statement.
Baby Blues Connection believes that the practice of separating families at the border is cruel and unjust. It’s a human rights issue that affects us all.
Children separated from their caregivers may experience undue trauma that can last a life time. We are against detaining children and against detaining families.
If you need factual information about the current situation please read here.
Read about how separation may affect children here and here.
If you are driven to action, here are some organizations working to help and an easy suggestion of what you can do yourself.
Recognizing that many parents who come to Baby Blues Connection for support and help, we urge you to reach out if you need to process the myriad of emotions that may accompany seeing the photos circulating online, hearing the tapes recorded or the frustration, anger and helplessness that you may feel. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need.