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Why we are here

Unless you’ve lived it or know someone who has, it might be difficult to understand what postpartum depression (PPD) is like. We asked our volunteers to write their stories for the purpose of educating the public and to create understanding. To those mamas (and papas) who might be struggling, we want you know that we truly understand.

The following is an excerpt from Barbara’s story.

“Her colic started a week after my postpartum depression (PPD). As exhausted as I was from her daily screaming from 4pm to 10pm I could not sleep at night. My nerves were raw, I feared going to sleep and being woken by her screams, and I would lay in the dark crying and try to plan how I should leave. I wanted to run away. I wanted to die. I kept checking my savings account to make sure I had enough for one night’s stay in a nice hotel so I could go to sleep once and for all. My baby deserved a better mother, a perfect one, and that wasn’t me. Finally, one night my husband noticed I was crying instead of sleeping and asked me what was wrong. I told him I wanted to run away, that they deserved someone better than me, and that I couldn’t go on. He tried to console me and said we needed to get some help.”

Baby Blues Connection is the help Barbara found. Help us support mamas (and papas in their time of need. Support us in the work we do. Give to BBC. 

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