PO Box 33128, Portland, OR 97292

Wow! Just wow.

We’re amazed at the generosity received from participating in the Give!Guide. We received donations from 134 people and some even gave more than once! It was very exciting to see donations continue to grow, especially those last few days. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

In the end, $8,840 was raised! This money will be funneled into support of our 2015 Operating Budget which is just at $50,000. It will help pay for outreach brochures and mailing costs and staff salaries to implement our 3-year Strategic Plan with ambitious initiatives to expand support to reach Low-income, LGBTQ, post-adoptive and NICU/PICU families while strengthening the services we already offer.

We are extremely grateful for the assistance we received from ABC Doula who not only helped expand our network and publicized the Give!Guide for us but matched $500 in donations made by birth workers. Thank you Kimberly Bepler! We are very fortunate to have you among our circle of friends.

Seth Picket of The Waypost donated certificates for a cup of joe or a glass of iced tea to the first 150 people who gave to BBC. We hope that even if you weren’t one of the lucky ones to grab one of these certificates, that you stop by and support The Waypost anyway. It’d be great if you clicked here to support them on Facebook. Thanks so much!

Our dear and lovely volunteer Tammy Graham of Healing the Heart donated the awesome, all-natural, hand-sanitzers that you all received. Tammy has been a volunteer with BBC for many years now and sadly will be moving out of state this spring. We want to take a minute to highlight her, not only for her generous incentive but as a fabulous volunteer. Thank you Tammy!

With LUCK we’ll be included in the Give!Guide this next holiday season. If you want to read the results of the Give!Guide, click here.

If you meant to participate and didn’t get to, click here to give to BBC now.